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Among all the national universities in Taiwan, KMIT is the only institution of higher learning with this department.
* 1. In the frame of globalization, the distance between
 different economies is getting closer so that the
 multinational industries play a more important role.
 This department is cultivating professionals of
 politics and economics with a world view.

2. Kinmen, once the frontier line of cold war between
 Mainland China and Taiwan, is now the very center
 for cross-strait interaction. Its “Mini Three Links”
 not only provides our students with an easy access
 to visit Mainland China, but also helps to familiarize
 them with its environment.

3. Mainland China has become the biggest market of
 export, the most promising trading partner, the
 major source of trade surplus, and the main area of
 overseas investment to Taiwan. Consequently, the
 inseparable relationship in-between can easily be
 seen today. Besides, the world also sees it as a
 burgeoning market in which to invest. Students are
 being prepared to become specialists in China’s

4. With the convenience of “Mini Three Links”, an
 academic cooperating relationship with Xiamen
 University and Fuzhou University could easily
 develop in order to help students better understand
 Mainland China as it is today, as well as in the
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